Saturday, February 23, 2008

What is Midi Digi?

So this is my first blog here and you might be wondering what Midi Digi means or represents and ultimately what's to come in the future. Well Midi Digi like the page header illustrates basically stands for digital midi. So with that out of the way onto the next topic of discussion whats to come?

Well quite simply I plan to help give people insight on equipment and software from as many different angles as I can provide. I've been building computers and using music software for a few years now. I've learned a variety of things in that amount of time and hopefully I might help people avoid some pitfalls I've stumbled across along the way.

Right now I have a basic home studio a digital audio workstation, a midi pad, keyboard midi controller, mics, and some various other pieces of gear and a DJ controller on the way the Vestax VCI-100. It's mostly budget orientated equipment as my pockets aren't deep enough to afford most of that high end stuff just yet, but someday if things go well hopefully I'll be able. I'll cover where I started what I've learned and hopefully what the future is going to bring as well as current things happening.

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