Sunday, February 24, 2008

Deckadance review

Deckadance Pros:
  • Created by the makers of FL Studio Image Line
  • Asio support
  • Solid layout easy navigation and intuitive for both novices and experienced users alike
  • Midi capable
  • Time coded CD and vinyl support
  • Built in relooper, sampler, and VST midi host
  • Can be interfaced with other software as a VSTI or runs as a stand alone program
  • All the input and output options you should need
  • Supports mp3, wave, and ogg file formats
Deckadance Cons:
  • Could use more vinyl emulation functions
  • Not completely midi assignable
  • Lacks a few things competing products offer, but makes up for it in other ways
Bang for buck rating: A

Akai MPD16 Review

Akai MPD16 Pros:
  • Midi out
  • USB powered
  • Optional 9V DC power adapter
  • PS/2 mouse/keyboard adapter usable as well w/midi cable as USB work around to BSOD
  • Nicer feeling pads than on the Pad Kontrol, Trigger Finger, or Axiom
  • 16 pads and extra bank option to expand to 32 pads
  • Velocity sensitive pads with 16 levels of velocity
  • Fader
  • Price
  • Build quality
  • Size advantage over other pad options
Akai MPD16 Cons:
  • BSOD if using the USB on certain computers appears to be a USB2.0 related
  • Good pads, but still not quite MPC quality better than the competitions though
  • MPD24,MPD32, and MPK49 in some ways are better options
Bang for buck rating: A

EKS XP5 Review

EKS XP5 Pros:
  • Price per unit
  • Touch sensitive jog wheels really sensitive
  • Built in audio interface
  • USB 2.0
  • Lots of buttons
  • Nice layout
  • Size
EKS XP5 Cons:
  • Case flexes in spots when buttons are pressed
  • Cheap stiff clicky buttons
  • Price per pair
  • Pair takes up two USB slots
  • No built in or bundled mixer
  • No midi I/O
  • Relatively small jog wheel size
  • No jog wheel adjustments
  • Inconsistency on jog wheel build quality one wobbled a bit the other felt kinda stiff
Bang for buck rating: C-


From the folks over at DJmag JFB on turntable & mixer and Ed Solo on mpc in a jam battle of skill showcasing of sorts it's re-fresh-ing to say the least this is what musics all about. I'd be glad to see more of this kind of thing in the future they both showcased talent in different ways this is the direction I'd like to see modern day DJing head in rather than bickering over Midi vs CD vs Vinyl why choose when they can coexist each have strengths and weaknesses ultimately things are headed in a more digital direction so why resist it why not embrace the advantages of it.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Beringer BCD2000 review

BCD2000 Pros:
  • Sound quality for listening plenty suitable to non audiophiles
  • ASIO compliant down to 4ms latency depending on load
  • Solid built
  • A lot of buttons and sliders which feel good for non pro equipment
  • Nearly unmatchable bang for the buck
BCD2000 Cons:
  • Wallwart
  • USB bandwidth hungry
  • Noisy headphone preamp
  • Possibly noisy mic preamp (didn't test, but relatively safe assumption)
  • cramped layout particularly around the jogs
  • small non touch sensitive jogs
Bang for buck rating: A-

What is Midi Digi?

So this is my first blog here and you might be wondering what Midi Digi means or represents and ultimately what's to come in the future. Well Midi Digi like the page header illustrates basically stands for digital midi. So with that out of the way onto the next topic of discussion whats to come?

Well quite simply I plan to help give people insight on equipment and software from as many different angles as I can provide. I've been building computers and using music software for a few years now. I've learned a variety of things in that amount of time and hopefully I might help people avoid some pitfalls I've stumbled across along the way.

Right now I have a basic home studio a digital audio workstation, a midi pad, keyboard midi controller, mics, and some various other pieces of gear and a DJ controller on the way the Vestax VCI-100. It's mostly budget orientated equipment as my pockets aren't deep enough to afford most of that high end stuff just yet, but someday if things go well hopefully I'll be able. I'll cover where I started what I've learned and hopefully what the future is going to bring as well as current things happening.

About Me

Buxton, Maine, United States
Home studio producer/musician and computer and music tech product reviewer as well as avid gamer. I was born, raised, and am living in Maine. Music equipment includes a digital audio workstation, a keyboard controller, a midi pad, mics, guitars, harmonicas, and various software to accompany it.
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