Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Minimalism and performance

If your like me and you just want pure performance and/or minimalism then I strongly suggest you take a look at bbLeanless. So what exactly is bbLeanless? Well it's trimmed down version of bbLean which is a minimalistic build of blackbox. So what's blackbox? Well blackbox is a minimalistic shell replacement to the windows explorer.exe gui. You might be wondering why you'd want to bother replacing the normal windows shell and it boils down to two reason essentially. The first reason would be for the look and feel of windows perhaps you want something different looking and feeling than how windows natively works. The second reason is performance and windows default explore.exe shell is a bit of a resource hog by changing over to a more minimalistic shell you can save cpu and ram requirements which in turn can then be used for more important things such as the programs your trying to run. Now audio workstations can be resource hogs and more available system memory and cpu cycles matter especially if your trying to prolong the life of a computer. Minimalistic shell replacements make perfect sense for audio workstations it might just give you that extra bit of juice you need to run that very demanding VSTI soft synth of yours or a extra VST pluggin effector or make your program feel more responsive in general.

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