Sunday, February 24, 2008

Deckadance review

Deckadance Pros:
  • Created by the makers of FL Studio Image Line
  • Asio support
  • Solid layout easy navigation and intuitive for both novices and experienced users alike
  • Midi capable
  • Time coded CD and vinyl support
  • Built in relooper, sampler, and VST midi host
  • Can be interfaced with other software as a VSTI or runs as a stand alone program
  • All the input and output options you should need
  • Supports mp3, wave, and ogg file formats
Deckadance Cons:
  • Could use more vinyl emulation functions
  • Not completely midi assignable
  • Lacks a few things competing products offer, but makes up for it in other ways
Bang for buck rating: A

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