Monday, August 11, 2008

Computer tech

So recently I got a new motherboard cpu ram and video card so essentially a new computer and so figured I'd blog about it and let people know what I've thought about the new rig. The E7200 CPU itself felt much beefier than the allready fast C2D E4300 I upgraded from on top of that it overclocks phenomonally can push 3.7GHz with ease on air and pretty nominmal 1.3v voltage. The motherboard was a big upgrade and just bargin price for the quality of the product TP43D2-A7 it overclocks like a champ for it's cheap price point and is rather feature packed. For the ram upgrade I went from 2GB ddr800 to 4GB ddr1066 and it was a good solid improvement a lot more ram so less pagefiling plus either higher bandwidth and/or much tighter ram timings either way a win situation. Last of course was the video card went from a Geforce 6800 w/128mb ram 256bit to 8800GT 1GB ram 256bit and it was a massive ginormous step up the card is a beast by comparison.

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